Feminism Resources

Here’s a handy list of things you can read if you feel a little stuck on the whole concept of feminism, or on certain facets of the discussion. Some of this information is really common sense, but some of it is pretty provocative. Please remember that neither women nor feminists are a hive mind: we all have different experiences and opinions that we bring to the table. With that in mind, not everyone at Lila necessarily agrees with all of these statements or supports all of these websites.

If you have any suggestions for other resources, we’d love to hear them! Email your ideas to: peaseblossom101 @hotmail.com

Conduct in Feminist Spaces:


Political Correctness:

  • The Greatest Cliché: The Unexamined Propaganda of “Political Correctness”
    “Free speech is the straw man of choice for intellectual bums of all stripes too fragile and vacuous for critical engagement. Calling someone who says or does bigoted things “a bigot” isn’t censorious, it’s descriptively accurate, like calling a bad movie “a bad movie”, even if the bigot didn’t intend to come off as bigoted and the movie didn’t intend to come off as bad.”
  • Time to Shoot ‘Political Correctness’ in the Head
    “Is it relatively easy to be sensitive? I’ve babysat children who can employ empathy and use their imaginations to put themselves in others’ shoes. Does that answer your question?”

Race and Feminism:

  • How to Stop Being an Ignorant/Indifferent White Feminist…
    “One of these topics I shy away from is the inability of white feminists to understand their own ignorance and perpetuation of ‘racism’. Oh shite, shoot me cause I know y’all are thinking “bloody hell, there goes another one of those coloured gals playing the race card.”
  • How Not To Be Insane When Accused Of Racism (A Guide For White People)
    “Shorter Ampersand: Don’t make it a whacking huge deal if you say something racist, or something others perceive as racist. Apologize, move on, and consider the criticism seriously so that you can improve your thinking, if need be.”

Myths About Feminists:

  • Feminist myths 101
    “Feminists hate sex. Not true, but what is true is that it’s physically painful to refrain from saying, “With you, sure,” to any man who says this. But refrain we do, because god forbid we be accused of lowering the tone of the discourse.”

Feminist Gaming Manifestos:

  • A Feminist Gaming Manifesto, Part 1
    “Now, ideally, what ought to happen is for women to be able to say, “hey, that makes me feel unwelcome,” and get a response that boils down to, “oh, sorry, we’ll stop that, because we want you to feel welcome.” It really ought to be that simple. Except it hardly ever happens.”
  • A Feminist Gaming Manifesto, Part 2
    “Like I said in part one, I think the indie gaming community as a whole are a pretty progressive and awesome bunch, but, you know, awesome is a relative thing. We’re not ‘done’ by any means. Complacency is a real tease. Just because you haven’t seen or heard anything doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of women who didn’t speak up.”
  • A GamerGrrl’s Manifesto (Part one)
    “We want a game where women appear as often as men. We want a game that is not obviously, painfully, gratuitously and desperately appealing to the hormone-crazed, drooling fourteen year-old boys who currently populate the hobby. We want to open a book and see pictures of both female and male characters and say – wow. He looks cool. /She/ looks cool. I want to play this.”
  • A GamerGrrl’s Manifesto (Part two)
    “Let me set one thing straight right away. There is no mental or psychological reason that would make girls any less capable of gaming than boys.”

Feminist Reading List:

Ask Questions:

  • Feminism 101
    “This is a sister community to feminist and we intend for this community to be used for beginner questions, discussions, as well as “homework help” posts. If you already have a handle on the basics of feminist theory, we invite you to stick around to help out the newbies!”
  • Finally Feminism 101
    “What is feminism? What do feminists want? Does feminism matter? Can men be feminists? What can feminism do for me? What can I do for feminism? And many more (eventually)”

Feminist Allies

  • Feminist Allies
    “Part of why patriarchy keeps on truckin’ is because men, even men who are more aware than most about feminism, even men who support feminist tenets, tend to reinforce misogyny and patriarchy in their interactions with other men.”
  • The Iris Network
    “Though there are many individual women gamers who write about their experiences, and many sites for women who game to connect and play with each other, none of these sites are there for the express purpose of highlighting gamers (both in the industry and outside of it) and bringing women’s perspectives into the mainstream. It may be a lofty goal, but that’s exactly what we here at The IRIS Network aim to do.”

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